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Becoming a Foster Parent

The decision to become a foster parent is one that should be carefully considered and well thought out, as fostering impacts you and your entire family.  Every aspect of your life will be impacted as you decided to take in and care for children in your home that have serious emotional and behavioral issues.  The licensing and training schedule is something that requires a significant time commitment from families during the initial licensing process.  Here are a few questions to consider and talk through with your family if you are considering becoming a foster parent:

  • Can I love and care for a child who has come from a difficult background?
  • Can I help a child develop a sense of belonging in my home even though the stay may be temporary?
  • Can I love a child who, because of fear of rejection, does not easily love me back?
  • Am I secure in my parenting skills and abilities?
  • Can I set clear limits, be both firm and understanding in discipline?
  • Am I able to discipline without using physical means of punishment?
  • Do I view bed-wetting, lying, defiance and minor destructiveness as symptoms of a child in need?
  • Can I tolerate major failures and small successes?
  • Can I accept guidance and assistance from trained social workers?
  • Can I maintain a positive attitude toward a child's parents, even though many of the problems the child is experiencing are a direct result of the parent's actions?
  • Can I love a child with all my heart and then let them go?
  • Do I have the time and energy to devote to a child who needs to go to frequent therapy appointments, visitation and medical appointments?

If you answered "yes" or "maybe" to the majority of these questions, fostering parenting may be right for you.  Read on to find out more information on the licensing process.